August. The sign of the Leo. Thee ambitious. Determined and one of the most outgoing signs of them all. August 14th, 1981, the lioness, Renee a.k.a.PHAZE was born. Seventeen years later an aspiring rapper with a plan to become one of the greatest, is discovered. Part of what sculpted PHAZE as a legitimate talent is that she is the baby girl of six older brothers. PHAZE says, "living in a house full of boys and one sis; What else was there to do?". Writing and learning how to structure songs from her brother Charles was just the beginning of a star being born.

At fifteen Renee chose the name PHAZE. Recognizing "I'm not just going through a phase." Everything she had gotten into, seemed to be something she’d grow out of, so everybody thought!

She got her first taste of live rap when she performed at the Apollo Theater. Her raw talent won her first place and PHAZE realized she had a gift. PHAZE says "High School, God, basketball my family and friends along with hard knocks shaped me and my skills for writing and spittin.'" A creator, with the depth of Lauren Hill and the flow to that of Eve and Da Bratt. This accomplished talent, graduated Art and Design with her peers remembering her as Point guard, the straight A student, but mostly "that girl who rhymes".


1. Nothin
2. Genie
3. Sisters
4. What U Won't Do
5. Let's Get It On