Riff: A melodic phrase played repeatedly, serving as the main theme or background.

Riff Parker, is a star! This young man is an accomplished singer, songwriter, musician, and producer. Riff is the product of two gifted parents. His mother is a classical pianist, and father was a songwriter for Warner Chapel. He started playing the guitar at the early age of 5 and is now playing the bass, electric guitar and the piano.He is not only talented but also serious enough about his art to educate himself and earn an Advanced Studies Diploma. He is currently attending Virginia Tech as a Marketing Major.

This accomplished kid has been Executive Assistant to Teddy Riley, where he landed "a gig" playing guitar, on 5 cuts of Blackstreets album. Riff , being secure and knowing his skills, never mentioned his singing abilities.

Riff believes in God and that all things are possible through him.


1. Not Tonight
2. Hold On
3. The One U Want
4. Shady Crazy & Gone
5. Curiously...Definitely
6. Untitled